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News Letter April, 2021 – Students Edition

Creative writing is an art and is not an easy task for the regular and all time writers too. Basically it requires the ability of colloborating with situations, easily flown verses to emphatic imaginations.
Subtle thing ,one can do is to appreciate the spirit and thought evoking processes of such emulating writers with all our hearts to fulfill our thrust of exhilaration in the form of reading the excellence.
This edition of Reflections will surely furnish the ardent aspirations of Unicentians who contributed the articles, edited, and who got immersed in accumulating the required to the finesse of the given opportunity.
Happy go readers as we included various aspects with futuristic perspectives , artistic views, interviews and the portrayal of independent thoughts classroom gestures, and so on.
Let’s read what’s in their minds …

News Letter October, 2021 – Students Edition