As children grow up they find many of their personal attributes flowering in favour of specific kinds of activity. You have no doubt met children with different skills, talents, interests and knowledge and often the first question asked is “Do they get to hone this ability or interest?” This is a very important question as the natural balance of a person’s inner being is greatly influenced by the exposure to that which aligns with it. We at Unicent believe that this can and must happen beyond the classroom – thinking, activity, and expression.

UNICENT believes in providing the varied exposure to the children, facilitate them, choose and affirm their aptitude or interest accordingly.  In this process, we have a series of activities, of which a few become optional at High School level, while as part of routine at primary level.

Kinaesthetic Activities make a lot of impact on the Mental and Physical health of the children, which is catered through varied activities like, Yoga, Sports and Athletics, Skating/Karate, Dance etc. We also have tied up with LEAP START as part of Sports for Development Initiative of our school with regard to Grades up to VI.

Coming to enhancing the Creative aptitude of the children, there are classes allotted for activities like, Drawing and Painting, Crafts and Best out of Waste starting at primary level, while the Students of Grade 6 & above are encouraged  in to various Work Education and Community Development activities as guided by CBSE, which include, Gardening, SSA Products Culinary etc.


  • Arts & Craft
  • Classical Dance
  • Western Dance
  • Skating
  • Karate
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Western and Classical Music
  • Indoor Games (Caroms’, Table Tennis, Chess etc)
  • Outdoor Games (Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Shuttle, Volleyball etc)
  • Work Education (Culinary Skills, Gardening, Fabric Painting)

UNICENT also, has a combination of Creative Thinking and Analytical abilities enhancement based activities included in to its Curriculum. Besides, varied Conceptual and Subject Enrichment activities imbibed in the process of teaching –learning, Field Trips and Guest Sessions form one of the important approaches to learning, while we also have the tie up with Butterfly Fields, to nurture the scientific temper and analytical thinking among the students of High School. Brain feed Worksheets are encouraged to be solved by the students of High School, to help them think beyond the lesson, in multiple perspectives, as well as hone their thinking, to be able to take up different Competitive Exams.

  • Field Trips
  • Butterfly Fields
  • Brain Feed Skill Sheets
  • Leap Start.


Preparing the Child for Future Challenges,  infers multiple strategies, avenues and approaches to be put on board, by the School, with the kind and positive co-operation of the parents and the dedicated involvement of the teachers.

We at Unicent share the planned activities broadly through the Almanac, with regard to various Celebrations and Special Assemblies to be held in school including the Inter House Competitions scheduled for the year. These programs, we strive to adhere unless there is any external disturbance and intervening schedules.  At times, the unique programs designed and directed by CBSE to be held also become part of the activity based learning for the children.

Competitions breed curiosity among the individuals. We have our four houses- Subhash Chandra Bose House, Bal Gangadhar Tilak House, Bhagat Singh House and Chandra Shekar Azad House strongly competing during these competitions held in- house in academic and non- academic activities. The students are encouraged to take part in SOF Olympiads, Spell Bee Competitions and varied inter school competitions at District/Zonal /State and Central level held by varied Prestigious Organizations and CBSE.