1. The school is affiliated to CBSE and follows guidelines as issued by them from time to time.
  2. The school timing for Nursery and LKG is 8.30 AM to 12.30/3.20 PM.
  3. For classes UKG to X the timings are 8.30 AM to 3.20 PM.
  4. School functions 5 days a week for Classes Nursery to X and 6 days a week for Classes VI to X. However, school is closed on 2nd and 4th Saturdays for higher classes.
  5. The annual calendar giving complete information of activities, events, celebration, holidays, parent teacher meeting schedule, assessment dates will be communicated through the student’s almanac and academic calendar given in the beginning of the academic year.
  6. The second language option for Hindi/Telugu commences in class I and third language is from classes V to VIII only. Students going to class I need to choose their option. No change would be allowed thereafter under any circumstances.
  7. As per the Telangana State Board, Telugu is a compulsory subject for all students. Sanskrit can also be studied as a third subject.
  8. To enhance the learning experiences of the student’s special programmes are introduced for the students which would be compulsory for all students. This academic year (2019-20) Newspaper in Education by Times of India is compulsory for classes VI-X. Abacus is compulsory for classes I to V. Regular field trips will be conducted as per the class and subject requirement.
  9. Co-curricular activities are divided in to games, clubs and also compulsory classes that include – Vocal Music, Classical Dance, Art and Craft, Yoga, Physical Education, Keyboard, Guitar, Skating, Chess, Table Tennis, Choi Kwang Do, Literary Club, Performing Arts Club, Heritage Club, Eco Club, IT Club, etc,.
  10. Annual/Sports Day celebrations, National and Religious festival celebrations and assembly presentations are also part of the school curriculum.
  11. Parents Teacher meetings (PTM) are held regularly at least 4 times through the academic year. In absence of PTM Home Connect calls are made by the teachers to the parents to discuss the progress of the student.
  12. The first bell is at 8.30 am. Each house is allotted a week to lead the assembly. Assemblies have warming up exercises, prayer, pledge, thought for the day, word for the day, special day information and so on. Fridays are long assembly where students give presentations on various topics as per the activity calendar. The activity calendar is theme based.
  13. Self-discipline is important. The almanac specifies rules for students to follow. Every morning the class teacher checks the arrival/punctuality and uniform. The students are reminded of the rules very politely continuously. Still if they fail to adhere to the school norms, action is taken to modify their behavior. Records and diary notes are maintained in the student’s diaries. Further, calls are made to parents.
  14. Kindly check and sign your ward’s school diary and academic calendar regularly for the information and updates. Regular circulars and SMSs are also sent. A school App for both Android and iPhone keeps you updated about everyday school activities.
  15. Formative Assessments are through ongoing activities, assignments and revision tests. However weekly and structured tests are also conducted. These are called as Timed Class work. They are scheduled in the academic calendar.
  16. General pattern for fee schedule (Tuition and Transport)
    S. No. Term –Break up Last date for payment
    1 Term I 10th June
    2 Term II 10th September
    3 Term III 10th December
    4 Annual 10th March