Assessments, Examination and Grading System

Scholastic/Academic Plan/Activities for a year

Parametres Classes Nursery to II Classes III-VI Classes VII-X
Terms Term -I-April to September
Term II-October to March
Term -I-April to September
Term II-October to March
Term -I-April to September
Term II-October to March
Timed Class Works (TCWs) 5 or 6 4 4
Exams  No exams Mid Term and Final Mid Term and Final
  • Activities that are assessed and marked vary for different classes and subjects depending on the curricular need and ability of an age-group.
  • Lower classes are given worksheets to develop higher order thinking skills.
  • Higher classes may also be given long assignments with referencing work and students are expected to do those independently to develop self-study skills.
  • Higher classes also have projects and open book tests to develop higher order thinking skills.

Examination System

  1. Promotion will be given on the assessment of day-to-day work.
  2. Pass marks required is a minimum of D grade.
  3. The first report will be in July and the final in March at the end of Second Term.
  4. A passing grade is required in the two compulsory subjects namely- English and Mathematics for promotion to the next class.
  5. Progress Report of the child will be given to the parents only.

Parent-Teacher Contact

Four PTMs are evenly spread out through the year. Besides teachers make Home Connect calls at least twice a year to take feedback from the parents. Parents can also meet teachers with prior appointments on Saturdays within the working hours.

Grading scales – as per CBSE Norms

Academics/Scholastics – 8 points grading scale

Co-scholastics, Values and discipline – 3 or 5 points grading scale

Please Note – Kindly check the latest CBSE circulars at the link given below.