Teachers Day Celebrations

Unicent Nagole, celebrated Teacher’s Day 2022 with glitz and glamour. Remembering Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishna on his birthday, and taking the words of wisdom from honorable prinicipal ma’am Rachna Bhattacharjee on devotion towards the teachers. A sweet devotional welcome song was sung by class 7B to show the concrete bond between the students and teachers. Students of grade 9B presented a hilarious skit depicting the classroom scenario. Class 8 and 10 gave the most mesmerizing and jaw-dropping group dance performances for the teachers. Lastly, Students of class 10 were also tasked to govern the school for the rest of the day. With this, the students learned how hard it is to be a teacher and govern the school. They have learned to respect the work and time that the teachers give towards their betterment.

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