Leading Learning in School- Capacity Building Workshop for Incharges

UNICENT Nagole organised a workshop (Residential program 10th Dec to 12 th Dec) on “Leading Learning in School”, to a team of 20 for 3 days.
The evening session of 10th December was addressed by Mr.Prashanth Singh who is a banker in ICICI having 18 years’ experience in capacity building training in ‘Total Quality Management’. Mr. Prashanth shed light on the topics , Execution management. Performance Management and Total Quality Management. It was great learning.
The two days were the sessions on the pedagogical leadership training headed by the Principal. It brought a significant body of knowledge on the need for improving school leadership through various resources like case study reports and web links. This helped to go through the information to compare development and innovation ideas implemented in various schools around the world.
Exercise in the morning, training during the day and games and entertainment at night was the two-day agenda.
Teachers got the opportunity to get to know themselves and the team. They got to know the hallmarks of leadership and it shed light on the phrase- ‘You don’t need a title to be leader’ Training gave them a chance to step back from daily tasks to examine the bigger picture and think about how the future may unfold. Knowing how to develop and communicate your vision, especially during times of change, can empower and motivate others. The program helped to increase confidence and understanding of work relationships and how handling each person differently can increase chance of having positive experiences with co-workers
It was a learning experience for everyone.

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