Back to School

The first day at school was heartwarming. The sunrise felt brighter than usual. Boarding the school bus and meeting our friends, all together felt like a dream come true. As we got closer to school surroundings and saw the familiar roads, it was so exciting. Looking at our school building made all of us nostalgic. The pandemic which had caused the biggest disruption to children’s education in over a century seems to be coming back to near normal. The school has reopened with all the COVID-19 protocols being followed by everyone. Seeing our teachers with chalk and duster made us really happy and full of enthusiasm. We have attended online classes and learnt during the pandemic but going to school in person is better and understanding of many things is better. I hope that all my friends join us at school and we spend some memorable time together in physical school because I am in Class X and this is my last year in school.
Ananya Kallury

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