Why UNICENT is Different?


UNICENT is a Child-Centric School in its true sense for the focus is always on the child. The child’s developmental needs and academic abilities, learning styles, interests etc are taken into consideration in the design of pedagogy and implementation of the curriculum.

The school is backed by a strong in-house research team led by senior educationists and academicians, rendering continuous support to the school to implement Innovative methodologies and create learning spaces to children in a happy environment.

The curriculum, our teaching philosophy and methodology, our approach to children and our understanding of children – everything is catered around the child and help us to execute the ‘child centric’ concept effectively and efficiently.

In a child-centric school, the focus is always on the child’s holistic development, which includes the academics, personality development & life skills.

In a child-centric classroom the teacher identifies the learning potential of each child, allows the child to learn in his or her own way and pace. At the same time the teacher stimulates the environment, individualizes the inputs to improve the weaker areas so that every child learns with confidence and in a stress free environment.

Child-friendly and competent teachers make a difference to learners. At UNICENT, Continuous Teacher Development happens as an on-going process through in-house Training and hand holding of teachers.