Grade 7 and 8 students went to a field trip to G.N.Naidu farm – Institute of Forest Biodiversity

“Conservation is a state of harmony between man and land.”

Soil being the prime factor for one’s survival, it is important for each and everyone to understand it’s importance and conserve the soil.

UNICENT SCHOOL, Kompally shouldered the responsibility of conserving the soil as a part of IDS extended learning. In regard to this our students from Grade 7 and 8 went to a field trip to G.N.Naidu farm – Institute of Forest Biodiversity where a Guest session was organised by Mr G.N.Naidu who was awarded 22 International awards with 200 other awards including national awards given by the Prime Minister of India. He is also the brand ambassador for the Save water programme and his main motto is to save the soil.

Our students could acquire a lot of knowledge on the methods to conserve the soil and also they have exposure to four different types of farming namely Chemical, Semi-organic, Organic and Top organic. An exposure to 5 different diversities was given namely Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Aromatic plants and Medicinal plants.

Different kinds of fruit bearings, plants, vegetables and flowers were shown. The most interesting point is that they were given exposure to different medicinal plants which can cure chronic diseases too…

In a nutshell G N.Naidu has inspired our Unicentians with all the natural methods of conserving soil which leads to conserving of water too.

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