Diwali Celebrations At Unicent School, Kompally

As a part of Assembly programme Grade 1 &2 celebrated Diwali online highlighting the importance of the celebration. To make the students to understand the importance of Diwali, Unicent had a celebration of Diwali on 2nd November 2021 for grades 1 & 2. Every year this festival is celebrated vibrantly in the Unicent school campus but due to the pandemic situation, this year it is on virtual platform. Teachers explained the importance of Diwali and narrated the stories associated with the festival supporting it with a beautiful Power Point Presentation. The festival signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, hope over despair and good over evil. All the students dressed traditionally and danced for a Diwali song and also participated in the activities enthusiastically. They made Diyas using colour papers and decorated them with kundans and glitters. They also prepared an elephant with clay and decorated it beautifully with kundans.

Both teachers and students enjoyed the festival wholeheartedly leaving the children faces gleaming with joy and laughter.

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