International Artist Day at Unicent School, Kompally

Celebrations at school often mean a beautifully decorated campus, presentations of some amazing dance and song performances, and are usually accompanied by pep talks and role plays. The occurrence of COVID-19 and the advent of online classes created inspired a new form of celebration as well. At Unicent Kompally we decided to celebrate International Artist Day through video calls and guest sessions.
Art integrated learning is a framework of experiential learning where children learn through art activities and construct personal meaning through their learning in an art integrated environment. This enables them to appreciate the expressions of various artists of different international backgrounds. The school held class-wise assembly programs where children could share their own artwork and learn in-depth about lesser known artists. The guest sessions artists from different places sharing their experiences and works while discussing their personal experiences in the world of art. This brought a beautiful global dimension to the program.
At the end of the day our aim is to make the learning and expression of art as joyful and engaging as possible. Children must have an awareness of their environment through keen observation, develop a heightened sensitivity to aesthetics and the visual dimension, and learn how to express their emotions in a healthy manner. Days such as International Artist Day are extremely underrated but so important for this purpose. We look forward to more such art-based events and wish you all a Happy International Artist Day 2021!

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