UDBHAV Competition Achievements By Unicentians

Winning medals by Unicentians is not new. But the joy of sharing this happiness among our stakeholders and also seeing the new list of winners everytime is the best note that makes us feel elevated and strive further !

We are really happy that almost all the Unicentians are proving on diverse platforms which really helps them to scoop the confidence and have the wonderful exposure helping them to think out of the box.

Here goes the list of our Unicentians who had won the Inter – School Competitions held by DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, Nadergul as part of the theme “UDBHAV”:

?SRIRAM KRISHNAN from grade 4 bagged first prize in story telling competition.

?SANIKA from grade 4 bagged second prize in little Krishna drawing competition.

?JAASRITHA SAI from Grade 2 bagged second prize in story telling with puppets competition.

?ANAISHA CHAURASI from Grade 1 bagged second prize in fancy dress competition.

?SUNAINA from grade 8 bagged third prize in classical dance.

?JUHITHA from Grade 4 bagged second prize in paper cup pyramids competition.

?BHAVITHA from grade 6 bagged second prize in lemon and spoon situps competition.

We congratulate??? all the winners for their Wonderful performance and the teachers and Parents who could facilitate them in making it happen !

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