Doctor’s Day Album

On the occasion of Doctors Day children of Unicent had the opportunity of interacting with different doctor parents of the School who volunteered themselves enthusiastically to interact with them. The special guests online for the day were,
Dr.Ritesh jaiswal
Dr. Saritha jaiswal
Dr. K. Harika and Dr.Akshita at different class levels of Grade 2, Grade 5 and Grade 10.

Every one of them has elucidated over different aspects pertaining to self care and precautions during Covid time, questions pertaining to medications, vaccines, authenticity of the information, etc. They had also clarified the doubts of children with regard to other diseases, human immunity and other aspects of the profession as well .
Different types of masks and its uses, Sanitizers their effectiveness, ways to disinfect were well demonstrated and elaborated.
The children were also asked not to panic but educate their fellow beings.
The cautioned to practice social distancing, keep washing hands regularly and stay at home safely

Surprisingly we had some parents also involving in the discussion and  made the event interesting, informative and successful.

We once again thank all these doctors and Wish the Fraternity a Happy and Safe life ahead. Click here to view the pics