Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

Over the last decade or so the world has seen a tremendous change, growth and use of technology in every field. Similarly Education has also undergone a rapid change in the process. Technology has given wide and huge dimensions to enhance the teaching-learning Processes. The journey from the ancient Gurukula system to the modern day class-Rooms is worth rewinding. Value based education coupled with the Academic Excellence in children has now become the mantra in education. Every person now wants to learn as many skills as possible in the shortest time. That means at school we have to work with children in such a way so as to develop positive skills which will enable them to learn the maximum skills.

The purpose of school education is to prepare our children to meet the challenges of life. This can be achieved through a balanced curriculum which gives a right balance between Academics and Activities. The important thing to be kept in mind is that every child is Unique and a similar process may not work well with different children.

Aristotle said, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. In imparting the above the concept of total education via overall development becomes necessary for the children to face the hurdles and challenges in their life ahead.

“Since there is no single set of abilities running throughout human nature, there is no single curriculum which all should undergo. Rather, the schools should teach everything that anyone is interested in learning.” –John Dewey.

Learning helps us to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. The Ultimate aim of all of us at Unicent is to inspire learning as Learning is a lifelong process for every individual.

Our Vision:
Strive to be an educational institute of excellence which nurtures passionate, confident and happy individuals, enabling them to explore innate abilities and be lifelong learners.

Best Regards
Seshu V.V