Our Philosophy

Our philosophy says ‘Every Child is Unique’ – be it their abilities, learning styles, interests, personality or overall behavior which:

Gives us a perspective to understand, focus our efforts and address the individual needs of the child.
Helps to create a learning environment that is stress-free, emotionally comfortable and joyful to every child.

Our Vision:

Strive to be an educational institute of excellence which nurtures passionate, confident and happy individuals, enabling them to explore innate abilities and be lifelong learners.

Our Mission:

To build learning spaces for students that:

Ensure freedom to explore the world around them.
Enhance inquisitiveness which drives creativity.
Equip them to be independent, and have faith in self.
Enrich them with traditional values and modern education.
Enable for a healthy and holistic development of the child.

Our Values:

Fundamental Living Values of UNICENT: “ETHICS”

Empathy: Every UNICENTIAN strives
To make the community around him a better place by finding the echoes of another person within himself.

Team Work: Every UNICENTIAN strives
To bind together as a single, unconquerable force by building trust in each other and rallying together towards success.

Humility: Every UNICENTIAN strives
To be principled leaders within, by being modest, humble and respectful in valuing every relationship and interaction he is into.

Integrity: Every UNICENTIAN strives
To build a righteous personality by imbibing honesty with commitment even under fading circumstances.

Courage: Every UNICENTIAN strives
To gain strength and confidence to stand up for self and others under absolute circumstances.

Self Discipline: Every UNICENTIAN strives
To put positive patterns of behaviour into structured practice as an everyday habit.