Republic Day Celebrations

May the tricolor flutter high, in achieving the boundless harvest in the field of agriculture and industry, may the drops of composed showers of success bequeath the fields of economy, sports, education, and technology, beholding the yearning and quest of conformity as a mark of the undying spirit of patriotism, Unicent has celebrated 70th Republic day with opulence of finery and official decoration that involved parents teachers students and all its Unicent team. The day’s program was all through accentuated on recalling the commencement of the most expansive and exquisite forum, which reflects the aspirations of millions of Indians its constitution. After the conventional invoke to God with Shloka and prayer, there was a rendition of Vandemataram by choir. Principal Mrs. Ramadevi unfurled the flag amidst the mighty patriots (Unicentians) who raised their heads with pride to the rising flag synchronized by the National Anthem that ensures them to be the rightful heirs of this magnificent land. Songs by primary wing was flabbergasting. Unicentians have shown their exuberance in all their melodious versions. Telangana and Haryanvi dances were all enveloped in the fervor of loyalty and devotion. “The true source of right is duty. This quote of Gandhiji was manifested in all the speeches of the day. The prominence of the historic day,  when the constitution  was commenced, the hard core journey of the constituent assembly in drafting it, the fundamental duties of the citizen, its importance were all well portrayed. There has to be a plan and a visionary person, a mentor with patience, and therefore we are here to excel in fulfilling your hearts with pride and accomplish your aspiring mission – pre-primary wing has evidently proven with their appealing presentation in short about their ISA project in which the children clad in Srilanka’s attire, not only spoke about its culture and language, but had the rendition of National Anthem of the wonderful land which casted a spell on the milieu. Fundamental duties play a vital role in one’s development and progress. Every bit of the charter allows its citizen to improve in all aspects, streamlining the minds of Unicentians , Principal on the occasion, has insisted to consider every duty honestly and encouraged them to develop scientific temper which is one of its important components, besides showing concern towards the environment. With a note of highly spirited and contented hearts, the day’s program ended. Click here to view the pics