PrePrimary Visit To Horticulture

The Blooming buds of PrePrimary bloomed all around the Horticulture Training Center  where they explored how herbs, shrubs, creepers & climbers are nurtured under the utmost care taken. They also observed beyond their enthusiasm how the manure is prepared & the kinds of soil used  to nurture the. They watched very keenly the way the vegetables are grown in different kinds of  pots, bags & land. They were highly excited to see the budding cabbage from soil & hanging snake gourd. These tiny tots differentiated themselves from many others in answering the question from where we get the vegetables ? Our young Unicetains answered from Farm instead of Market. The glimpse of the day that captured the young hearts  was the visual imagery of the flower bed of orchids where they immersed themselves in the utmost beauty & the rythm of nature. Click here to see the pics